About Us


The fluid and dynamic nature of the Internet can make effective digital advertising a challenge in today’s world. Adaptive marketing, or the process of consciously evolving one’s strategy as new data becomes available and the platforms used by target audiences change shape, is absolutely crucial for businesses to maintain a competitive edge in today’s largely digital marketplace. Simply put, the World Wide Web is where more and more people are spending their time in ever-increasing amounts, and this is reflected in both their buying habits and overall preferences when choosing a service, retailer, or product. The brand that maintains a strong, engaging, and convenient web presence will have a decisive and unquestionable advantage over its competitors who do not, and likewise the brand that effectively uses consumer data gathered through diligent web marketing will be capable of more efficient, cheaper, and more accurately-targeted advertisements than brands who rely on traditional outlets.

At Digitally Adaptive, our mission is to facilitate these changes in your overall strategy and develop a long-standing, functional web presence for your brand that serves your needs and ensures a competitive edge through web design, customer data collation, campaign development and management, social media management and advertising, viral content generation, brand/personality exposure, and methodical demographic research.


Social media use has skyrocketed in just half a decade, and shows no signs of slowing down. Its ubiquity has ensured that every brand with a desire to compete in the modern world must make use of this constant stream of consumers, even if the brand is not primarily a digital product or service. The importance of competent social media management and advertisement cannot be understated; 89% of 18-29-year-olds regularly use social media, with 72% of all Internet users being active on social media networks. Facebook, for example, has over 1.15 billion active users and 47% percent of Americans now say that Facebook is their #1 influence behind purchases.

With a global reach, a merit-based system of content placement, and the distinction of being an advertising medium into which consumers voluntarily log in and submit their information, effective use of social media is tantamount to entrepreneurial success. Many brands find it frustrating to watch a sea of potential customers and free exposure sit available for the taking only to struggle to use it to their advantage, losing valuable momentum and missing out on the incredible opportunities afforded by the ease of reaching consumers directly.

Digitally Adaptive integrates social media into your brand, develops social media infrastructure for those new to the game, and manages existing social media structures while more closely integrating it into your overall web presence and turning what the consumer sees as a fun pastime into a powerhouse of conversions, impressions, and exposure for your brand.

We are veterans of the industry and are consistently rated as a top 1% advertiser by Facebook.com. We understand the algorithms used by various social networking sites to prioritize content and, as our name suggests, we keep up with and adjust for the quarterly changes most networks make to their API coding and ranking algorithms.

Digitally Adaptive is here to meet all of your digital marketing needs, and we bring our collective years of experience and knowledge within this field to maximize your brand’s potential and exposure on the web in order to better compete in the modern market.